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Branding Requires Deep Work

Ian Voigts

Over the course of a week or so, I read this book by Cal Newport, Deep Work. I had read another of his books and found a few helpful concepts. The book came on recommendation from the back of another book, Run Studio Run, by Eli Altman (fantastic book!) Newport’s book is a fascinating study on the distractions that make up our lives on a day-to-day basis. He meticulously identifies scenarios in which the true work that anyone sets out to accomplish is hampered by the many different distractions, intentional or not.

On an individual level, I found this to be such a true concept. We live in a distracted world and the intentionality of work is needed to produce something amazing. I’ve begun to adopt a few of these methods into how I approach not only the work Neighbor does for our amazing partners, but to the side projects that are of interest.

Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task.

For many, the ability to go deep has become a difficult task, having given all attention and focus to followings, likes, and crafting a social media presence. The number of distractions has only risen, leading us to split our time between emails, checking Twitter, and allow our minds to think about future.

Individually, these tasks are not bad. It’s okay to check Twitter. It’s necessary, for many, to be connected through emails. Future plans are needed. However, all these activities are all vying for our attention.

As I read through the pages of this book, I couldn’t help but make the connection between ‘Deep Work’ and building a brand.

The Result: A Great Brand

Let’s start at the outcome: a great brand. Specifics aside for a moment, a great brand is one that is respected by its industry, active providing a value to its community, and one that is gaining attention from peers and competitors alike. Ultimately, great brands become leaders while looking great doing it.

On a more detailed level, great brands showcase and communicate what they do or sell extremely well. Through consistently creating a unique and engaging touchpoint, great brands begin to be known purely by the brand’s presence. All brand’s want to get to this point, but most brands think it can be done right away and with little effort.

Great brands have invested in making sure their ‘branding’ is the best it can be across all touchpoints. Social media is the most often talked about, but how is your brand showing up in the sales process or invoicing? How are you communicating internally about what your brand stands for? The greatest brands dedicate their resources to saying the right thing at the right time.

Back to Deep Work

The parallels I saw between deep work and the branding process are interconnected at a foundational level. Deep work, as mentioned, is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. It is our assertion that social media is a merely a tool. A tool, yes, to promote and share your company or product, however, it is only just a tool and by that fact, a distraction to building a brand worth remarking.

Branding is deep work. Our process during a rebrand begins with listening. Through this step in our process, we sort out all the distractions to get to the core of your business. This requires time, patience, and a deep connection to true understanding. During our initial conversations, we devote ourselves to putting away distractions. This allows us to give your company the true focus to help you uncover your potential in the marketplace.

During our visualization phase of a rebrand, we make sure to understand the landscape of your industry, but we clear the space to visualize your companies potential brand identity. It is a dedicated time of focus, free from distractions. Similarly, we ask our partners to do the same. Clear away the distractions that are shiny and fast and new, for a dedicated approach to learning the true values of the company. We use your deep work to inform our deep work and the product of the deep work is building a great brand.

Your company deserves a great brand. Great brands come through the deep work that produces connection to the world that gains attention. At Neighbor, our deep work and collaboration with your company produces exceptionally remarkable brands.

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