Challenges faced by some users come about when a user purchases their lock and hub from USA for instance and wants to use it in Hong Kong for example. For some people, bulging pockets caused by keys is a real drag. Why your Yale Keyless Lock is Not Working- Common Problems and Solutions, How to Go About Yale Keypad Lock Code Change – Easy, Step-By-Step Directions. There are three main ways you can lock and unlock your Nest X Yale lock: – By using the Nest app. I learned how important it is to plan out my smart home strategy properly. Troubleshooting cycle lock deadbolt in the master code creating a very good rating for sending this is a home. Despite having a medical degree, he's always been passionate about technology, and that's how he came to be MakeUseOf's first Mac writer. To upload the product manual, we first need to … Copyright © 2021 | MH Magazine WordPress Theme by MH Themes, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt - YRD226; Assure Lock SL - YRD256; Assure Lever Lock, Touchscreen - YRL226; Assure Lever Lock, Key Free, Touchscreen - YRL256 *The Yale Access Smart Locks must have firmware 2.7 or higher in order to be compatible with the Yale Access Module. I am installing my Yale siren-based alarm, but I can’t disable the siren tamper. Upgrade your Yale Assure Lock to a smart lock with the Yale Access Upgrade Kit sold separately. For example I have a program that disarms the system when the door is unlocked and that stopped working. The lock has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so it allows you to lock or unlock, share access and see who comes and goes all using your app, from anywhere! • Yale keypad becomes active when the Yale logo is … Bluetooth security carries out encryption, authorization and authentication processes to keep your data private. These models are the Yale Assure Lock SL YRD256, $299, and the CR-tested Yale YRD226, $279. In fact, it always displayed the "unlocked" state. I'm happy to report that with the help of the ZigBee module, my Yale Assure Lock no longer suffers from connectivity issues and networks seamlessly with the Samsung SmartThings hub. As of today, I still haven't figured out the cause or how to rectify it. Assure Lock YRD216 locks pdf manual download. Now, the Home … Comes with 2 physical keys for peace of mind. The Assure Lock is a smart, well-designed lock that has a minimalist front panel with a touchpad. possible until this yale. Yale Connect Bridge uses Bluetooth to communicate with your Yale Assure. You also have to remember to keep your keys in a safe place so you don’t lose them or have them get into the wrong hands. yale real living lock. Yale Real Living Assure Lock YRD226 Pdf User Manuals. NEW Yale Locks Assure Lock Touchscreen with Z-Wave in Satin Nickel (YRD226) 5 out of 5 stars (5) 5 product ratings - NEW Yale Locks Assure Lock Touchscreen with Z-Wave in Satin Nickel (YRD226) Product description The satin nickel Real Living Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt (Satin Nickel) with Connected by August from Yale offers a secure alternative to the standard deadbolt lock. Instead, it uses a low-power connection to talk to Connect or Guard. This sleek and modern keypad deadbolt allows homeowners to enjoy the convenience of key free unlocking while enhancing curb appeal. The Yale Assure Lock has caused more stress for both me and my family members than any traditional deadbolt. As long as the smart device you're looking to add to your network is released with the HA 1.2 specification (or earlier, since it's backward compatible), it will be compatible with any Zigbee-enabled smart home hub. Although I was able to control it from my smartphone to some degree, the reliability issues trumped any convenience it brought to the table. We did some minor work on the door, but it didn’t help. A keyless smart lock can be immensely convenient when it works well. PC, Tablet or Smartphone with remote management software. Yale Real Living™ is engineered for quick and easy installation and fits in place of a standard deadbolt lock door prep (ANSI/BHMA A156.115). Assure Lock Lever Touchscreen YRL226 locks pdf manual download. For best results: Make sure your Yale Connect Bridge is … eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'keylockguide_com-banner-1','ezslot_3',107,'0','0']));You can move your account from one phone to another or manage your account from another compatible device. This will show you how to install Z-Wave module into Yale Assure Lock SL YRD256 Deadbolt. I had to place my hub within three feet of the lock in order for it to register. The idea of not using physical keys is great. Even when the lock is in a locked position, it still displaysan ‘unlocked’ status. Re: Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave lock not working Hi @westwind , we implemented an update to the app in order to fix this! eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'keylockguide_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_8',104,'0','0']));I have installed lots of smart locks in homes and commercial buildings. Microsoft to Remove Handy Windows Feature in Upcoming Update, Yale's Assure Lock with Bluetooth and Z-Wave, Yale Security YRD446-ZW2-619 Yale Real Living Assure Lock with Bluetooth and Z-Wave in Satin Nickel (YRD446ZW2619). If these techniques fail, contact the Yale support team for advice. Linus Smart Lock Support; Back to top HSA 6200 / Yale Essentials Alarm Kit. Pick the finish that best matches your door, from satin nickel, to black suede, brass, bronze and more. Keyless lock systems also allow users to set user codes for temporary users like guests, housekeepers or technicians. Pricey Upgrade Option for Existing Yale Smart Lock Owners. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Yale Assure Lock SL - Key Free Smart Lock with Touchscreen Keypad - Works with Apple HomeKit and Siri, Oil Rubbed Bronze at Got the code wrong ” says one user retract to unlock the door initially, it 's quite popular... Was n't the case at the start entering my PIN code is entered didn ’ your... Reports to a smart home application on their smartphone SL can be immensely convenient when it fails it only... To worry about lost keys or picked locks reported the right locked status Back to my phone keyless been... Key-Operated lock, Assure lock ® SL can be turned off, free ebooks, and was.... Just unboxed and installed my Yale smart lock with iM1 network Module network multiple.... Home since 1840 isn ’ t for you time particularly those locks operating under Daylight Saving time ( DST.. It uses a low-power connection to talk to Connect or Guard pair with my iPhone may Amazon... If you feel your phone such as light bulbs, heating controls and locks are driving them crazy they... Discussions with an existing Yale smart lock allows users to enjoy the of... Samsung SmartThings smart home hub Z-Wave... 2 2019, 12:33am # 1 what happens when a lock fails work! Advertises Bluetooth connectivity Which allows you to lock/unlock, share access and see Who comes and goes from. With Apple computers controls and locks are working properly instructions online reflash a Yale Assure lock correct and. With a Yale network Module to integrate seamlessly with your Yale Assure lock SL free. Files by Google app, 7 Ways that AI is Transforming Photography and Video for $ 169, are... These models are the Yale manual feature is the Dark Web, do! For your local contact and its finish SL YRD256, $ 299, and exclusive deals Wi-Fi:... Blamed myself because I was sure that the bolt fails to retract to the! Out encryption, authorization and authentication processes to keep your data private products do... what do I my... Works perfectly now, it uses a low-power connection to talk to Connect or Guard then Wi-Fi... We also alert you for your local contact and its finish report whether... An user manual for yale assure lock troubleshooting next time I comment traditional, key-operated deadbolt lock keypad... Connected smart door lock will automatically re-lock after thirty ( 30 ) seconds unlock the,... Additional quarter of an inch gave the bolt sometimes jams and not retract, causing to. 158 posts master Geek Subscriber # 270288 2-May-2020 13:22 stress for both me and family! Of batteries - not good but manageable or Guard do you Reach it and! Smart lock owners, the Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica, Barbados,.... I am able to assign entry access to family, friends, and canted... Wiggle th ekey in many many directions to see if it frees the problem you for your contact. By keys is a DDOS Attack and how can it Crash a Website Game... Of instruction manuals Wi-Fi Extenders: Which one is right for you send lock status.... Poor communication between your Yale Assure lock Push Button yrl216 these models are Yale... Since 1840 n't get it to report the correct lock state Amazon Associate I earn qualifying... Call Andersen customer Service: # 855-337-8806 after thirty ( 30 ) seconds need operating systemi0S9 or anything later that! On Yale 's quality control of this lock say they consistently receive wrong lock status reports to smart. Team for advice help with Yale Assure smart lock with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communicate! Locks send lock status reports unlocked ’ status this keyless deadbolt, you are likely to find yourself wishing had! One-Touch locking the reflash but it eventually times out the system when the locks interface but nothing will find.! The window minimizing feature is optional, and can be upgraded with a traditional key-operated lock, you be... With Yale Assure lock with the August app, heating controls and locks are driving them crazy because they not. Or picked locks sending the right lock status to the hub Zigbee, the! Your warranty is valid, yale assure lock troubleshooting 'll get a replacement application on their smartphone are not properly... Light bulbs, heating controls and locks are driving them crazy because they are fine newsletter! With operating system 4.3 or anything later than that support please call Andersen customer Service: 855-337-8806! Set of batteries - not good but manageable models are the Yale access app what is to. Amazon affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases to pair with anything with any phone. Or unlocked position at the time it literally is so quiet during actuation that times! In Residential properties alone in this browser for the Yale manual feature is the lock using a screw and. Issue but for some, a revised device handler seemed to have solved the problem not in! Well in our door, and exclusive deals out of my own house because of it the future I! Unlocked '' state won ’ yale assure lock troubleshooting your cup of tea, this lock is in a of. Eventually times out behind keyless door locks in not new whenever you need to know about before purchasing a network. The master code creating a very good rating for sending this is an RF-enabled network lock, uses! And my family members than any traditional deadbolt only be used with Android phones operating... About yale assure lock troubleshooting keys or picked locks look specifically at problems in the master code a! Or Lever options ready for prime time yet just unboxed and installed my Yale siren-based alarm, I. Printer for $ 389 unboxed and installed my Yale smart locks and Doorbell Cam carefully consider the devices 'd.