At the core of Neighbor is a driving force that goes beyond measurement, business operations and financial prosperity. It is the vision that the world needs helpers.

When Neighbor takes on a client, we often look for ways, not only to serve them, but areas that allow us to offer our services to companies in the non-profit sector. We are able to offer more than they would receive purely because we make it a priority to do so.

As the world continues to turn and the pandemic continues to surge in areas, we’ve taken some time to analyze and address areas in which our business wasn’t meeting our core principles. The lessons we learned during this time is that we need to double down on our efforts to work with people in non-profits, NGOs, foundations, universities, corporate social responsibility teams and other groups looking to do good in the world.

Our priority is to make it easy in technical, financial and operational ways for those companies to truly serve the people they are work so diligently for.

“All inhabitants of the globe are now neighbors”
– Martin Luther King, Jr. in Where Do We Go From Here (1968)

Our call to all neighbors is to make compassion a priority. We have an immense opportunity amidst the chaos to focus in on how our businesses can help each other and those in need. In Adam Grants book “Give and Take” he posits the concept that those that give come out as the winners. We at Neighbor believe in the power of giving as a priority.

As a part of our call to all neighbors, we want to partner along with you in creating a better world. Through using your talents, skills and compassion and our skills in crafting visual stories and compassion, great things will be accomplished.

In all that your business does, connect it with goodwill and giving. In the long run, giving returns.