Neighbor was born out of seeing too many clients treated the exact opposite way they should be treated. Most would call these our values. We prefer guiding principles as they not only represent what we believe, but they push us forward in every interaction.

01 Honesty In All Situations

For too long, clients have been hidden to the “magic” that designers have claimed as their process or their creative output. We believe that being truthful in all phases of a client relationship leads to better work. It creates deeper meaning behind the scenes and in the message being presented.

Furthermore, it builds an immediate trust. If you feel like we are hiding something, we have not built enough trust with you. That trust builds over the course of the relationship and when we present a direction that makes you uncomfortable, the vision becomes clearer.

02 People Before Bottom Lines

All businesses are built by the people that are employed there. We believe that each person adds a unique perspective about the direction of their company. That is valuable input in providing the right direction for a brands message and visual identity.

We believe that when the brand is built around the people invested in the business, the true personality can be shown. It creates trust between the business and your clients.

03 Balance Between Art and Design

Art is timeless. Art is rooted in a cultural moment reaches deep into the viewer and makes them feel something. We work tirelessly to create a balance between the connection that art provides and the business need that design seeks to accomplish.

04 Create Something Memorable

Through our understanding your business, we are able to bring exactly who you are to the forefront while creating a memorable visual style. It is our joy in bridging those connections.

These guiding principles push us to accept nothing less than what is right for your business. They push us forward in always thinking about our clients first and then how we can learn from those experiences and make other client interactions just as special. We take joy in focusing on you so you can focus on building your own business.