JP4 Foundation
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  • Event Support
  • Social Campaign
The JP4 Foundation was started from tragedy. After Johnny Price IV passed away, the organization was founded to honor his life and passion for baseball. Through baseball camps and scholarships for outstanding student athletes, JP4 works with kids throughout Minneapolis to train them on the field and push them in the classroom.
Having spent time building a consistent brand look and feel, we recently pushed the brand to open up to a new way of presenting events. We created type treatments and a style that is used as a cohesive feel, but gives each event, over the course of the year, to live on it’s own.
“The professionalism, craft, detail, color scheme, and presentation of the brochure was wonderful! As a customer, this is absolutely what you want when you are looking to hire an outside agency to help your needs.”

-Jeff Huth, Executive Director JP4 Foundation