Nooma Nigeria
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Social Campaigns
  • Newsletter Campaigns
  • Website Design & Development
The local church in Nigeria is growing. The local church in the United States is supporting those efforts through Nooma Nigeria. The primary goal is to spread awareness and build support amongst the church to fund various efforts. We partnered with Nooma Nigeria to create the brand strategy and visual identity.
The work requires constant communication to reach as broad an audience as possible, so the majority of the effort is focused on the newsletter marketing campaign. When the message is worth sharing, the visual identity is utilized as support. We find specific ways to add design elements that add value to as opposed to take attention away.
The result of our work has culminated in a cohesive visual effort to tell the story of the work happening in Nigeria. Now the message is delivered to drive recipients to the website to allow them to keep coming back and finding new information.